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About Us


OPME Log's aim is to meet the medical and hospital industry's actual logistics management needs (orthoses, prosthetics and special materials, reagents/IVD and medical equipment maintenance).

As an independent company, it owns a comfortable and modern warehouse, a strategically located distribution center, cutting-edge technology infrastructure, as well as skilled professionals trained in organizational practices. The wide resource availability provides greater safety, efficiency and ease throughout the logistics chain.


To conduct centralized management of hospital supply, providing expert medical and hospital logistics services according to high standards, establishing differentiated strategies, with responsibility, quality, and efficiency.


To be recognized for an efficient management of processes, technologies, and administrative coordination, being a reference in hospital materials logistics operational performance, for the excellent results delivered to hospitals, partners, and employees.


To value those who contribute to our company (employees, customers, and vendors), treating them with integrity, respect and transparency so that we can evolve together.

Our focus is to attend to the individual needs of each hospital, manufacturer, importer and distributor, regardless of size and structure, while always respecting each customer's complexity and characteristics. In order to achieve excellent results, we have developed a tailored and flexible service, customized solutions with significant cost reduction, and we also guarantee special attention to the safety of the patients involved in the process.


To enable us to assist in surgeries with maximum agility, OPME Log is strategically located in a privileged part of the city of São Paulo, near the Marginal highways, main access roads and the city center to ensure the best service to the city's main hospitals.

Visit us!

Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 842 - Vila Olímpia

São Paulo - SP | Brazil

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